All students will enroll for six hours of coursework. Graduate students, scroll to the bottom of this page. Undergrads, read on!

In most cases, undergraduates will take the following two courses.

SOCI 3375N Urban Society in Comparative Perspective with Dr. Price
Contemporary London is the culmination of two millennia of continuous urbanization and is now arguably the greatest, most important city in the world. If you want to study the city as motor of culture, there is no better choice than London! In this class, we will take London, “The Old Smoke,” as a case study in medieval urbanization and city growth from various theoretical perspectives. We’ll study processes of dereliction and gentrification, and strategies of urban planning and transportation. Along the way, we will tour numerous neighborhoods, districts, and landmarks, including a few out of sight below the pavements.

SOCI 3375O Culture and Society in Comparative Perspective with Dr. Majumdar
In this course we will explore a variety of perspectives to understand the social significance of culture, and how culture is created and experienced in everyday life and in broader social context. Students of this class should expect reflective conversations where we listen, ask questions, and tell stories that are inspired by the power of placeā€”in this case, London. The students of this course will grow in self-awareness, and develop a greater ability to articulate their critical consciousness. Look forward to learning from one another through dialogue and shared experiences about aspects of culture including high art and low art, music, design, fashion, food, technology, communication, and more.


Honors students can substitute one of the above with an independent studies course.

HON 4391 Honors Independent Study with Dr. Price
Students in this directed study course will design and carry out original research or conduct an independent scholarly study under the supervision of the instructor. The student and instructor will meet prior to arrival in London to determine the exact nature of the study/area of research. Consent of the instructor is required to register for this course.


Graduate Students

Graduate students will enroll in six hours (two sections) of SOCI 5371, usually one with Dr. Price and one with Dr. Majumdar. In most cases, this will mean doing versions of the two main undergraduate courses that are more academically rigorous, sophisticated, and demanding than the undergrad versions, and which are consequently worthy of graduate credit. This general plan has the advantage of integrating the whole group, as most students most days will be going to the same excursions and so forth. Grad students will work with their professors to develop additional research and writing course components in line with student interest and professor judgment about what will work in the relatively short time available.

Grad students, working in close consultation with a professor, may also structure a section of SOCI 5371 like a conventional “from scratch” directed studies course. Past experience suggests that this can be a rewarding, but also more challenging, route to go!