Students will enroll for six hours of coursework (two courses) with Dr. Price and/or Dr. Harris. For 2018, the courses to choose from are:

SOCI 3353 Urban Sociology with Dr. Price
Contemporary London is the culmination of two millennia of continuous urbanization and is now arguably the greatest, most important city in the world. If you want to study the city as motor of culture, there is no better choice than London! In this class, we will take London, “The Old Smoke,” as a case study in medieval urbanization and city growth from various theoretical perspectives. We’ll study processes of dereliction and gentrification, and strategies of urban planning and transportation. Along the way, we will tour numerous neighborhoods, districts, and landmarks, including a few out of sight below the pavements.

SOCI 3372 Food & Society with Dr. Harris
While in London, students in the Food & Society course will explore the changing food culture of the East End, which used to be strictly about pubs and fish and chips and now contains tons of international cuisines including the “Curry Mile.” Students will visit several alternative food environments including urban farms and “green” eating establishments that focuses on reducing food waste.

SOCI 3375J Sociology of Consumption with Dr. Harris
Students in Sociology of Consumption will focus on the commodification of British culture from the Union Jack to “Keep Calm and Carry On” to even Harry Potter and Jack the Ripper. We’ll be visiting numerous London markets spread across the city, as well as exclusive shopping venues like High Street and the world famous Harrod’s Department Store.

SOCI 3390 Technology & Society with Dr. Price
Technology here means all kinds of tools and techniques. Think: the first bridge across the Thames, the gallows at Tyburn, and Newcomen’s steam engine.  So we’ll be interested in sociotechnical change, diffusion, modernity and rationalism, and historical inflection points such as the Industrial Revolution. Britain, and especially London, have been at the heart of the action, historically speaking, with respect to many of the broad social changes of interest to us. For instance, we’ll be looking at the politics implicit in technologies. Think: the torture chamber at the Tower of London and the higher number of surveillance cameras, per capita, in London, than anywhere else in the world. And we’ll be looking at the infrastructure and logistics of running a city the size of London. Think: the London Underground, the Great Stink of 1858, and six long-buried rivers still running under the streets!

SOCI 4360/5371 Directed Study with Dr. Price or Dr. Harris
Students in directed study courses will design and carry out original research or conduct an independent scholarly study under the supervision of the instructor. The scope of the project will vary depending on whether the student is enrolled for undergraduate or graduate credit. If course evaluation includes a major paper, undergraduate papers will generally be 15-20 pages, while graduate papers will be 25-30 pages and require more extensive and skilled analysis. If the course involves a reading list, that list will be more comprehensive and challenging for the graduate level course than for the undergraduate level course. If the course involves original research, students taking it for graduate credit will be required to demonstrate considerably more sophistication and autonomy in the collection and analysis of the data than undergraduates. Consent of the instructor is required to register for this course.

HON 4391 Honors Independent Study with Dr. Price or Dr. Harris
Students in this directed study course will design and carry out original research or conduct an independent scholarly study under the supervision of the instructor. The student and instructor will meet prior to arrival in London to determine the exact nature of the study/area of research. Consent of the instructor is required to register for this course.

HON 3391W Service Learning Abroad with Dr. Price or Dr. Harris
This study abroad course will center on students’ experiences volunteering with non-profit and/or government institutions abroad. Discussions and written assignments will provide opportunities to analyze the volunteer experiences. Fields trips will provide cultural components to add to the discussion and written assignments. The course is designed as an independent study. The student will engage in inquiry and problem solving approaches to propose a course of study that follows his/her own curiosity and interests relevant to our placement in London.